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Monteriggioni – Medieval Festival

It is time for the annual Festival in Monteriggioni. It’s what we are all waiting for.  Three days back in time, surrounded by the magical Castle of Monteriggioni.

Music, dances, carftmen of long forgotten arts, and obviously, the wine that makes us famous all over the world.
The b&b is almost complete for these days, so hurry up!



Today our wisteria bloomed. It’s always an happy event, the air is filled with it’s intense perfume and this year  the flowering is particularly rich. The weather is warm and no clouds in the sky.

Tomorrow we’ll host guests for a wedding, it’s just the right time to get married in Tuscany.

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Spring in Siena ! we’re now open!

Santa Chiara Bed and Breakfast opens in Spring.Spring in Monteriggioni

We are excited to start the new season, and working on the last details to be ready to welcome our guests.
Outside the trees are blooming and the Sun is getting warmer! It’s officially spring in Siena!

It’s time to meet new friends and take care of the garden. There’s always a lot of work to be done in this period, but Spring is the best time of the year to visit Tuscany and Siena.

The countryside dresses up in colors and perfumes, while life invades everything. Towns and Villages are rich with events for every kind of taste, food is more delicious than usual, and there’s not much more to look for really.

IMG_8941What are you waiting for?

The time is now! Call us to plan you stay at Santa Chiara.

We will be happy to help you deciding your daytrip destinations, and to point you to all the interesting places around Tuscany worth visiting.

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